A Semi-Formal Homecoming

A group of DHS Students before the semi-formal Snowball dance in 2011
A group of DHS Students before the semi-formal Snowball dance in 2011

By: Beni D.

The Duxbury High School homecoming is making the transition from casual to semi-formal this year. Thus, ending the DHS tradition of coming from the football game to the dance in sweatpants and sports jerseys. The dance will now be held the day before the football game and other sporting events and students will be expected to dress up.

Many students are excited for homecoming to make the transition to a semi-formal dance. Junior Isabelle F. said, “Every other school has homecoming as a semi-formal so it’s always been weird that Duxbury hasn’t.” Meg M., also a junior at Duxbury High School, is also excited for homecoming to be a [semi-formal] dance. “I have always wanted it to be a semi-formal dance like other schools,” she said.

Isabelle, who had attended Homecoming last year said, “I went last year but it sucked, no one went and it was stupid because it wasn’t formal.” Meg admitted to going to the homecoming dance for the first two years but only because her friends were going.

In years past, the dance has not been overwhelmingly popular, many upperclassman in fact consider it a dance for the underclassman since the underclassman cannot go to prom. Junior Eliza H. said, “I think no one is going to show up because no one has shown up in the past, everyone thinks of it as a freshman dance.”

But maybe the transition was initiated to increase dance attendance. Homecoming is the only Duxbury dance that is not formal or semi-formal with Snowball being in January and Prom for the upperclassman in May.

DHS Principal Mr. Stephens said, “Attendance to homecoming has always been flat ever since I started here…we wanted to separate homecoming from any sporting events that take place on Saturday October 12th so it isn’t just a homecoming for the football team.” he also said that they are looking forward to making the dance “closer to what a homecoming actually is.”

In years past students would attend the football game and come late to the dance afterwards. However this year with the new change Junior Kailin M. said, “I feel it’s better this way because then I won’t be rushed to go to the dance [from the football game].” Meg added, “It doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Principal Stephens said, “When kids are forced to choose between homecoming and the football game, the football game usually wins.” Now with homecoming being a semi-formal dance DHS has officially joined the true tradition of homecoming.

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