Enforcing First Class

A typical First Class desktop used for emailing at Duxbury High School.
A typical First Class desktop used for emailing at Duxbury High School.

By: Olivia M

To start off the 2013-2014 school year, advisory teachers announced to Duxbury High School students that they are required to email teachers solely using their First Class accounts. When Dragon TV and TV Studio teacher Mr. Ferguson heard the news he said, “My initial reaction was that there would have to be a transition period but once we are all using our First Class accounts, it will be easier to communicate.” Unlike many students, Ferguson agrees with the administrator’s decision to enforce this policy.

Junior Eliza H. said, “I have mixed feelings [about First Class]. I like it because you can access it on your phone, but at the same time it is frustrating.” She said that she does not agree with the new rule because no reasoning has been explained to support the decision.

A First Class app which can be downloaded from the DHS website allows students with iPhones the capability of reading and receiving emails from any location. Teachers and students alike have begun to use the app, adding to the numerous ways that enable access to accounts.

On the other hand, a couple of students actually prefer using their school emails instead of personal emails. Sophomore Sarah P. said “There should be a difference between school and personal life.” Sarah checks First Class every couple of days and said originally when students received their email logins, many teachers forced students to use them then.

When one skips checking their First Class for a long duration of time, the emails can pile up. One student said she checked her account the other day and had compiled a total of 140 unread messages.

Sophomore Nancy D. also agrees with Sarah P. and said, “I have never used a personal email to communicate with a teacher because I made my username in the first grade and it is embarrassing.” For this reason, she also prefers using First Class. However there are a few instances when using First Class is not always mandatory. “Some teachers are more lenient if First Class is failing. Then, they allow you to use your personal email since it is unrealistic,” said Nancy D. It appears as though most every teacher at DHS is enforcing the new policy but, when technology impairs the student’s ability to effectively learn, they are sympathetic.

Although it is a new change that requires some getting used to, students and teachers have the ability to improve the overall method of contact within the Duxbury Public School system. Ferguson said, “Many students are reluctant to change because they are inherently lazy.”

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