Terrifying Traffic

Traffic on a average day at DHS
Traffic on a average day at DHS

 By: Hannah A.

Duxbury High School students are getting very impatient, not with the homework, nor the teachers but the traffic. With the start of the 2013-2014 school year well underway the traffic situation has slowly began to cause more problems among DHS students.

Many DHS students are beyond frazzled with this years traffic situation and demand a change. “Everyday after school I have to wait in traffic for a long amount of time just to be able to go home after school,” said Junior Katie W.

Many students are oblivious to the thought and planning that goes into the development of the traffic patterns. The traffic back ups are due to construction, busses, impatient teens, along with pushy parents, are bound to happen. “I think we’re better organized this year because we’ve had a year in this system. What we have learned in this construction project is that there are details that can’t be resolved or determined until some thing are done,” said Assistant Principal Mr.Donovan.

A major problem with the traffic is the “no left turn until 3 p.m” rule that was created a week into this school year. Mr.Donovan said “The district, as part of the construction project, work with traffic engineers on the traffic flow through the high school lot, and then how to manage traffic on St. George Street with the police department.”

“The reason why people turn right is to alleviate congestion on St. George Street and move the most amount of cars out of the high school parking lot while allowing the buses and traffic to get in and out of the middle school simultaneously,” Mr.Donovan said.

On the opposing side senior Sam N. said “I do not agree with the no left turn until 3 rule at all. I live close to Washington Street and not being able to turn left until 3 p.m causes my ride home to be much longer.”

An employee at Duxbury High School Mrs. O’Rahilly said “I disagree with the no left turn, and I think a reasonable change is that we are allowed to turn left on Fridays.”

Road rage is also a popular activity among drivers at DHS, along with parents. “I get road rage everyday because of the confusion the traffic creates,” Katie W said. Mornings at DHS include honking, yelling, and the occasional tear.


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