The Walking Dead Approaches

Zombified Pete Creed Thanks to AMC's Deadify App
Zombified Pete Creed thanks to AMC’s Deadify app

The long anticipated fourth season of The Walking Dead is set to air at 9 p.m. on AMC on Sunday, October thirteenth. The finale of season three left fans wanting to see what happens next. The season ended after the Governor went mad and killed his whole army.

Senior Mike T was disappointed by the ending calling it a “cheap way out of killing the Governor’s army.” After all the action leading up to the finale, the delivery did not really meet viewers expectations.

Some main characters were killed throughout the third season. “Usually with television shows you know which characters will survive and which will not, but with The Walking Dead you can never be sure. It keeps the [viewers] on the edge of their seats,” said Senior Matt S.

Dragon TV teacher Mr. Ferguson also looks forward to seeing who dies in this upcoming season. “Their packs getting bigger now, because they added some people from [Woodbury], and obviously the Governor is still alive so we’ll see how he comes back into play,” said Mr. Ferguson. Certainly, the season could open up any way the producers want.

The unpredictability is a major reason why The Walking Dead is AMC’s number One television show.  Senior Drew H ranks The Walking Dead as one of his top three favorite television shows along with Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother.

The character cast is also a big part of keeping the show interesting. Mr. Ferguson said, “Tyreese is going to slug some people this season, he’s gonna cut zombie heads and human heads.” Tyreese is a new character just introduced in season three who is expected to play a key role in season four. Characters introduced in season one have not lost any of their popularity either. “Glen is the type of guy to do anything asked of him. He is the bravest guy in the group,” said Matt S.

AMC will air the previous week’s episode of The Walking Dead episode at 8 p.m. and a repeat of the newest episode at 10 p.m. Previous seasons will be available on Netflix so anyone can pick up on the show whether they have seen it before or not.

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