College Application Process

photo 2
The senior class of 2014 gathers at Holy Family

By Celia B.

As the first term approaches the finish line, the senior class is astir with college preparation. From final touches on the Common App to completing last minute school assignments, there is a lot to be done in a relatively short window of time.

Those applying to school early decision or early action have a submission deadline of November 1st, the same day that grades close. Senior Meg Murray described the upcoming week and a half until that date as “crunch time.” She also admitted that she is applying early decision to her top choice school, explaining, “I know what I want, and I see no reason to prolong achieving it.” Gaby Davis is also applying early decision to Simmons College, but said, “I’m trying to get everything done and it’s been a struggle because the Common App has been having problems and so has the Naviance account.” Katie Larsen elaborates on the difference between early decision and early action and said, “Early decision is binding, meaning if you get accepted, you have to go that school, so you should be pretty dead-set on it.”

When it comes to deciding on majors, there is a mixture among the grade of certainty and complete indecision. Halle Walsh falls in the middle. She said, “I think I want to major in Marketing, I’m not sure though!” However, Bri Connolly has made up her mind. “I want to be a French teacher!”

For those who are still totally unsure of what they want to do, there is an option to mark “Undecided” on the application, but before doing this, many resort to the advice of their guidance counselors. “Guidance counselors play a huge part in the process,” Sean McCarthy said.

As far as discussing schools goes, some students choose to keep quiet about where they’re applying. Stephen Morreale said, “I don’t even have my whole list yet, and I’m not 100 percent sure on some schools, so I’d rather keep it to myself.”

To help cope with rejection, the Rejection Board is hung up in the Student Lounge — a bulletin board to which students can thumbtack their rejection letters. “It’s nice because it shows that we’re all going through this process together. It can be discouraging to get rejected, but you know you’re not the only one,” Caroline Gearin said of the board.

Time is of the essence as the hectic process reaches its climax. Good luck, seniors!

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