Girls Volleyball Wins First Patriot League Title

The Girls Volleyball Patriot League banner with the year 2013 hangs proudly in the DHS gym.
The Girls Volleyball Patriot League banner with the year 2013 hangs proudly in the DHS gym.

By: Olivia M.

Duxbury High School’s girls varsity volleyball team finished their regular fall season undefeated with an 18-0 record, earning them the first Patriot League title in school volleyball history and the first seed in the division 2 tournament.

This is the fourth year volleyball has been available at DHS and the third year it has been a varsity sport. Outside hitter and senior Madi G. said, “It is amazing that we have come this far in three years.” Athletic Director Mr. Holdgate said that the team is comprised of a lot of experienced players with four years under their belts.

After the conclusion of their regular season, the team proceeded into the playoffs hoping to capture the South Sectional title. Their first game was against Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School where Duxbury won 3-0. This was followed by a game against Bishop Stang High School from North Dartmouth where they also swept the opposing team 3-0. Junior Dan H., who went to a playoff game, said, “It was a really intense game that was fun to watch; I didn’t expect it to be that exciting.” Junior Kyle A. also agreed and said that it was exciting because they are such a great team.

The third playoff game for the South Sectional title was against Notre Dame Academy from Hingham. Madi said that the support was great at the games. Some students even dressed up in superhero suits. Duxbury was defeated by NDA 3-0, ending their undefeated streak. Even though the girls lost, sophomore Caroline F. said that just winning the Patriot League title is especially significant because of how new the team is.

The team felt that they made huge improvements in their performance this year which resulted with an undefeated regular season. Senior captain Caitlin T. said, “We played more as a team this year, which is a huge accomplishment from last year. Our passing really improved too which is vital because without a good pass you can’t get a good set or a kill.”

As a newly formed team, volleyball achieved great success winning their first Patriot League title and making it to South Sectional playoffs. “It really shows that Duxbury High School is an athletic force,” said junior Eliza H. Watching the game, sophomore Lilla A. said that she noticed how the entire team seems like they are friends. Junior captain Mackenzie B. supported Lilla’s statement and said, “The team gets along amazingly well. We’re all literally like sisters. We spend most of our season together hanging out even when we’re not playing, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

As far as the future goes, Mr. Holdgate said, “I would think that they will find themselves in the same position next year.” Mackenzie said, “It’s great because we get to come back sometime in our college years, see that 2013 on the banner, and realize that not only were we here to win league champs, but we were the first ones to do it!”

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