New Year; New You

A New Year’s Resolution List

By Chloe B.

Christmas has come and gone; the holiday rush is through. The new year is finally here, and along with 2014 comes the making of New Year’s resolutions. Many students like to think of the new year as a “fresh start” or a chance to change something about themselves for the better.

Many DHS students have made resolutions for this year. A common theme among students is fitness and well-being. Junior Avery P. said, “I always say I will exercise and eat better… Everyone always says that!” Senior Michael M. said, “I tried to eat out only once a week.” Senior Caroline O. said, “I try to get more sleep and be healthy.”

Contrary to the healthy goals, there are students who wish to improve their skill at a sport or just be a better student in general. Junior Rob M. said, “I want to get better at skating.” Freshman Mike G. said, “Once I tried to get straight a’s. I got really close.” Avery added, “I want to work harder in school.”

When asked about the point of New Year’s resolutions, Sophomore Heather O. said, “[resolutions] are just so you can make a goal and stick to it; so you have something to achieve.” Junior Abbie S. said, “They give people a chance to improve themselves. If people are really committed to making themselves better, then a resolution lets them make long term goals for themselves,” Abbie added, “They can be good if they’re realistic.”

Day after day, it gets harder to carry out resolutions. Many students admit to not being able to fulfill their promises. Caroline O. said, “My resolutions would have been easier to carry out if I had written them down and made note of them.” Mike said, “I should have done my homework more often to get straight a’s.” Michael said, “I could have tried a lot harder and never tasted chipotle because that kind of screwed me over.”

Some students don’t make resolutions at all. They have a different view on setting goals. Sophomore Kevin C. said, “Everyone sets goals all the time. I set goals and when I meet them, I make more,” he added, “You don’t need a new year to improve yourself.” Senior Sarah D. said, “I don’t think New Years should be the only excuse to better yourself, I believe that you should be able to do that every day of the year.”

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