Duxbury High School Bowling Team off to Smooth Start

The bowling lanes at Alley Cat Lane, ready to be used
The bowling lanes at Alley Cat Lane, ready to be used

The Duxbury High School bowling team is run by Mr. Sprague and Mr. Pondaco, and meets every thursday at Alley Cat Lane. In its second year, the team is hoping to become a major attraction for DHS students.

The bowling team has remained almost entirely unheard of in Duxbury. That’s because it’s not considered a varsity sport yet. For now, bowling is just an after school activity for students that don’t play a winter sport. Attracting students to the bowling team has been a difficult task. Senior Sam B. said, “Mr. Pondaco really wants it to become an [official] sport, but Massachusetts still hasn’t declared bowling to be an [official] sport yet.”

Mr. Pondaco said, “Right now its just an activity. It is not currently a sanctioned high school sport in the state so there are no other high schools to contend with. We are hoping that if we can get more kids involved and establish a core group serious about their performance, we may be able to spark something. If other schools also have this interest maybe it can get things moving in the right direction.  When and if the MIAA considers to adopt 10-pin Bowling, then I hope that we are ready.”

Due to this the bowling team hasn’t been taken as seriously as other activities such as Lacrosse or Football. Sam B. said, “The team is more for fun, everyone just has a great time.”  `Mr. Pondaco said, “Right now the team is setup as a league style so there isn’t just one team but a few teams, each team plays against the other and we rotate every week.  So there is a competition among ourselves during the season.   At the end of the season there will be awards for High Game and Best Team and such.”

The bowling team does have goals for their season. Like other teams, the bowling team wants to win. Sam B. said, “[My team’s] main goal is to win the championship.” Mr. Pondaco said, “Our goals are for all involved to have good time and become more familiar with the game, its rules, technique and strategy.”

One of the most important topics concerning any team is how well it is doing. Mr. Pondaco said, “The team is doing well this year. There is a core crew that comes every week and a few others that come when they can. We have fun bowling and at the same time try to improve our game and become better bowlers.” Junior Ben C. said, “I think the team is doing great, everyone gets along and has a great time.”  Sam B. said “Aww, were looking great!”

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