The Junior Struggle for a Spot

Duxbury High School Parking lot
Duxbury High School Parking lot

By: Michelle M

Construction for the new Duxbury High School has greatly limited the amount of parking this year. The student handbook states that “on campus, parking spots will be assigned to seniors first, and available spots will be assigned to juniors on a lottery basis or based on attendance from the previous year.” As a result many juniors have been unable to reserve or use a school parking spot.Junior Rachel T., who was not eligible for a parking spot at the school, estimated that, “half the junior [students] have had to find other parking spots.”

However some junior students are finding alternative parking arrangements. Junior Max B. said, “I was not old enough…to get a parking spot so now I have to finagle my way to school.” Another junior, Evan B. said, it was very difficult to find a spot and eventually his mom found him a spot off DHS grounds. Students without a school parking space generally park at a family friend’s house near DHS or pay nearby businesses to keep their car in a parking spot. Junior Kitty H. allows several students to park at her house. Kitty said she does not mind letting her friends park at her house as long as they occasionally bring her coffee in the morning.

The Duxbury Free Library and the Student Union (DSU) are also places students without official school parking spots have been known to park. However, students who park in these spots are likely to get called down to the office. Evan said, “Many people who were parking at the library got in trouble. I was never caught but I found another spot so I wouldn’t get penalized.

Students who park in restricted areas like library and the DSU are first given a warning and asked to remove their car. If a student parks in the same spot twice, that student receives a two-hour detention and the third or fourth offense would result in a work detail.  However both the library and the DSU are not DHS property and can call the police if they choose to. Assistant principal Mr. Talbot said that the library and the DSU call DHS like a good neighbor would because they do not want to see high school students get towed.

Some juniors are frustrated with the new parking arrangement that started at the end of last year. This arrangement allowed juniors without their licenses to reserve a parking spot if they were able to get their license by the cutoff date. Junior Haley J. said she felt frustrated, “because I knew kids who had reserved spots even though they didn’t have their license yet.” Others think the new parking arrangement was a success. Junior Jill S. said she thought it was a fair system because it gave some kids a chance to get a parking spot. Jill said whoever hands in the forms first should be the first ones on the list to get a spot.

As the year comes to a close and the seniors leave for college there will be enough free spots for the entire junior class. Secretary Mrs. Connolly said, “We have never had a problem before. Most students just pick a spot.” Senior Quinn B. said that end of the year parking normally runs smoothly because everyone can park where they want. However some students are not sure this year will run as smoothly as others. Haley said, “I think it will be chaotic because even students with parking spots will want to be closer to the school.”

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