Jules Visits Duxbury

Selfie with Jules
Selfie with Jules

Jules is a foreign exchange student from Lyon, France that had the privilege of visiting Duxbury High School for two weeks. Jules is fifteen years old, the equivalent of a sophomore in the United States of America. While two weeks during the spring certainly isn’t enough time to explore every activity in Duxbury and the area as whole, Jules had a riveting experience in New England.

While Jules generally enjoyed the United States, not everything was as superb as back home in France. Jules said, “I like the food in France much better [than the United States’ food], without a doubt.”

Jules found the school the most difficult change during his stay in the United States. Jules said, “The hardest change for me was school. There is much more technology used [at DHS] than back home. You guys have Mac computers, but we don’t use those in France.”

Jules also observed that students at DHS may have more freedom that students at his school in France. He said, ‘There is much more option for classes [in the United States]. Jules added, “Music is much different. You guys have lots of different instruments to play. The only instrument we learned how to play in school was the flute.”

At Jules’ school in France, the middle school and high school are combined, and there are about two thousand students. This seems very similar to the new school in Duxbury next year, where students that are enrolled in grades 6-12 will all be in the same building.

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