Maxence Takes Duxbury

Maxence N. and I pose for a picture after the interview.

This past week I met with Maxence N., a foreign exchange student from Lyon, France. Maxence arrived in Duxbury on May 3rd and stayed until May 16th.

According to Maxence, high school differs greatly between the two countries. High school in France typically has longer school days; that is, every day except Wednesday is around 8 ½ hours. Their school days on Wednesday, unlike the US, are only 4 ½ hours. Aside from the basic classes such as math and history, Maxence takes classes including web design,  economic science, and MPS, which studies scientific procedures. Students are not allowed to eat any time besides lunch. Also, if a student wishes to sharpen their pencil they must have one in their pencil case because they are not available in the classrooms.

Maxence was interested in coming to America because he wanted to see the sights and its people. He wanted a chance to experience baseball and other American sports. Lastly, he wanted to get a small taste of “The American Dream.” Maxence noticed many differences between America and France during his stay. He said that the food was very different, but he had a few new American favorites. Maxence said, “[In America] I have really liked hamburgers and hot dogs.”

He noticed that cars and buildings are bigger and the main sports in America are baseball and American football, while in France they are rugby, tennis, and football. He also had much to say about the atmosphere in America. Maxence said, “America is a much more relaxed and friendly country.”

Back in France, Maxence likes to play video games, make music on garageband, read, and see friends. [Maxence] enjoys watching movies in his free time. He prefers science fiction and some recent movies of this genre that he went to see include “Planet of the Apes,” and “The Hobbit.”


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