Meanwhile in France…


Selfies with French Exchange Student Alfred V.
Selfies with French Exchange Student Alfred V.


By: Beni D.

The past two weeks students at Duxbury High School hosted fifteen French exchange students from Lyon, France to help both French and American students gain perspective on the world. During their time here the exchange students spent time experiencing American high school, they visited Faneuil Hall, the Newport Mansions, Harvard University and Plymouth Plantation.

Alfred V, French exchange student and a sophomore in France, enjoyed his experience in America. “School here is just 1,000 times better than it is in France. In France it is very strict, you can’t eat, speak, drink or stand up to do anything.” he said. A typical school day for Alfred starts at 8:00 am and consists of eight to twelve classes. He will have a fifteen minute break in the morning and the afternoon as well as a lunch break before getting out at 4:30.

As for the sightseeing he enjoyed all of the activities they did. He said, “Plymouth plantation was very funny to see the actors dressed as pilgrims.” As for Newport he said, “The forts were very impressive.”

The stereotype that shocked Alfred the most, in that it wasn’t true, was that he assumed everyone owned a gun. “America is a more violent country,” he said.

One thing he thought was very different about America than France was how Americans prioritize personal space. He said, “In America people don’t like to be touched, in France they give a kiss on either cheek as a greeting and if you do that to an American they freak out.”

When asked what the funniest part of his stay here was his response was, “When the announcements came on and everyone stood up and looked at the flag…I had no idea what was going on.”

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