Out With a Bang

Seniors tossing their caps after graduation.

By: Beni D.

From the beginning of freshman year, the freshman look up to, idolize, and fear the senior class. However, as May rolls around and it comes time for the seniors to leave, the hallways become much emptier, classes are smaller, and faces are missed. However the seniors do not silently leave and join the other hundreds of past graduated classes of Duxbury High School, instead they choose a prank to pull so they can go “out with a bang”.

The senior class of 2014 coordinated a “sit-in” on the main staircase of the high school. Freshman Alex H. said, “It was a traffic jam and caused a lot of people to be late for class.” Freshman Claire B. added, “I don’t know if it was a great prank but it was cool.” Freshman math teacher Mrs. Coleman said, “I loved it [the prank]! What they did was stated, tasteful, done enough and funny.”

Mrs. Coleman appreciates senior pranks because “they’re a reflection of the personality of the class…if they can make it fun for everybody without being degrading it’s great!” Freshman Wesley P. said he doesn’t mind senior pranks as long as they are not harmful. Junior Myles T. said, “they’re the best!”

If any of the underclassman could have pulled any senior prank they wanted, what would they do? Sophomore Sophie T. said, “If you’re gonna do something you gotta go all out.” Junior Isabelle F. said, “I would put three pigs in the school and label them #1, #2 and #4 so everyone would be running around looking for pig #3.” Junior Riley R. agreed and said that he would do something with animals. Alex H. said “It would be funny to hack into the PA system, or if they switched the seniors of Duxbury with the seniors of Marshfield.” Myles T. said, “I would drop a mattress in the Percy Walker Pool because when the water gets absorbed into it it weighs as much as a car and you need a crane to get it out.”

Some senior pranks go down in history while others are quickly forgotten. Claire B., said”I would do something all of the grades could see to make it memorable.” Junior James D. said “I would flush all of the toilets at once to make the entire school shake like they did on Ned’s Declassified” Wesley P. said, “I would do what Steve Jobs and his friends did and put a sign in front of the school saying something funny.” Mrs. Coleman has even seen great senior pranks in person, she said, “I was at MIT the year they put the fake police car on top of the dome.”

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