Spirit Week: Duxbury’s Pep Radar

Mrs.Raftery's period 7 class seniors rocked their '80s attire on Friday.
Mrs.Raftery’s period 7 class seniors rocked their ’80s attire on Friday.

By: Molly C.

Duxbury High School Spirit Week began on Oct 14, a month earlier than the usual occurrence of the event. The inclusion of a fourth day began for the first time this year. The order has changed, placing Class Day, which is usually last, as the first day.

Day One: Class Day Freshmen were sporting their white, sophomores their green, juniors their painter suits, and seniors their togas. The hallways and classrooms were filled with students dressed in their class attire, showing off vast degrees of school spirit on Tuesday. However, junior Tess M. felt as though the day did not reach its full potential.“It doesn’t feel like spirit week,” said Tess. “Having no paint on the painter suits looks awkward.” Sophomore Sarah G. had a more positive note of the day’s festivities. “There is lots of school spirit,” said Sarah. Grace G., a sophomore, feels that although there is some school spirit, the week still feels different. Grace said, “There isn’t as much spirit because [Spirit Week] is so early this year.”

Day Two: America Day This year is the first time that America Day is a part of DHS Spirit Week. Many students were seen patriotically wearing their red, white, and blue during school on Wednesday. Junior Julia N., wearing mass amounts of patriotic attire, felt as though this new addition to Spirit Week was a success. “There is more school spirit than yesterday,” said Julia. “The juniors are killing it.” Junior Caroline C., sporting her red, white, and blue, felt like this day was filled with school spirit from the various grades. Since this was the first year, she feels like it went well. “There could be more spirit next year,” said Caroline. Senior Riley H. did not mind having this new addition to spirit week. “There was more spirit than yesterday,” said Riley.

Day Three: Pop Culture Day The highly anticipated Pop Culture Day took place on Thursday. Many students spent great amounts of time stressing over what they would wear in representation of their favorite pop culture icons. Junior Beth B. felt that the school spirit Thursday outnumbered the amount shown during the first two days. Beth, dressed as Cady Herron from Mean Girls, said, “[Pop Culture Day] was the best day out of Spirit Week so far.” In contrast, junior Rachel W. did not think the amount of school spirit reached its full potential. Rachel was dressed as a member of The Barden Bellas from the movie Pitch Perfect. “This year Spirit Week isn’t as good.” Senior Kevin H. dressed as a zombie from the movie Warm Bodies, described Pop Culture Day as being a fun activity that makes the school day more interesting. “I think America Day might have had more support,” said Kevin, “but I think [Pop Culture Day] is always a big one.”

Day Four: Decades Day A blast into the past decades of the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s occurred on Friday. Freshman sported their Grease-like outfits, sophomores and juniors rocked their groovy hippie attire and gym class tube socks, and seniors killed it in their colorful disco-inspired costumes. The hallways were filled with songs from these decades coming out of the speakers during passing. Sophomore Nick A. felt like the school spirit shown on Friday was more than previously seen throughout the week, topping the other three days. Nick enjoyed the pep rally that was held at the end of the day, but thinks there should be changes to some activities. Nick said, “I think that next year they should have a different activity instead of the balloon event.” Senior Pat S. felt that the week as a whole was not very good, but the spirit shown from the four grades was great. “Having decades day as the last day I think made a lot of more kids participate.” Junior Dawson O. said, “I thought that the school spirit was a lot better this year than last year.”

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