DHS Gains a Canadiens Fan


By: Kaley R

After many years of being the department head at her previous school, Mrs. Raftery has now joined Duxbury High School as a Pre-Calculus and Calculus teacher. Even with all of the craziness of the new school, she has somehow found a way to fit right in to DHS.

Mrs. Raftery relocated to the South Shore area when she found out about her new job. She said it was a big change for her and her husband. She moved from the North Shore so she is still getting used to the area. She bought a new house a month before she started at DHS, so she could have some time to adjust and learn the area. She loves going to Duxbury Beach, even when she is all bundled up in a coat in November.

This year Mrs. Raftery has about 100 students between her Pre-Calculus and Calculus classes which are composed of juniors and seniors. The amount of students she has this year is about the same number of students she had at her old school. She said that more students attend DHS than her old school, and she says the kids at DHS are higher achieving students than her old students.

Mrs Raftery said, “The new school has been a nice change compared to my old school.” Her old school was one floor, but had about the same square footage as the new school. Mrs. Raftery has multiple classrooms here just like all of the other teachers. She admitted that she is definitely still getting lost.

Senior Stephanie H. had nothing but good things to say about Mrs. Raftery. “Mrs. R is the best. I am so happy I got her as my teacher this year. She makes sure that everyone understands what it is that she is teaching and makes sure its fun to learn. Honestly, I usually don’t like math, but she has made it easier for me. I think that hiring Ms. R was one of the best decision DHS has ever made. She has made me enjoy math,” She said.

Mrs. Raftery teaches many of the juniors and seniors at DHS. “She is a great teacher and really explains concepts in depth when you ask questions,” said senior, Riley C. Unfortunately, many students haven’t quite adjusted to the fact that Mrs. Raftery is a Montreal Canadiens fan. Senior Will Kalous said, “Great teacher, making a very positive impact on the mathematics department, with the downside being she is a Canadiens fan.”

Mrs. Raftery did not always want to be a math teacher. She grew up with plans to be a social worker. When she was younger, her grandmother told her she would be a math teacher but Mrs Raftery didn’t pursue this until toward the end of college. Mrs. Raftery said, “I was a little late on that part [deciding to be a teacher].” She is happy that she decided to become a teacher and said, “I love what I do.”  She added with a joking manner, “I like terrorizing my students.”

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