DHS Eagerly Anticipates Thanksgiving

By Tyler M.

Thanksgiving Day, which will be on Nov. 27 this year, ignites the thoughts of  celebration plans and traditions for both students and faculty throughout Duxbury High School. Many people are looking forward to the continuation of these annual customs, and the school is united in a positive opinion of the holiday.

A significant part of many Thanksgiving traditions is food. Mr. Stephens said, “[The only thing] that [is always] crazy about the actual holiday [is] the amount of food consumed, because everyone in my family is pretty much my size… strangers have [come into my house and been shocked by] the amount of food that [is] cooked and consumed.” Senior Shawn E., along with freshmen Dan M., George R., Jack M., and Ryan M. all said that they enjoy the food aspect of Turkey Day and the opportunity to eat so much with their families.

Within the walls of Duxbury High School, Breadboard provides a traditional Thanksgiving meal for the faculty. “It’s something that the faculty has really enjoyed,” said advisor Ms. O’Brien. “We’re going to do it again this year… We serve about 50-70 people and all the Breadboard classes participate in the preparation of [the meal].”

Memorable stories from Thanksgiving Day are also important to students and staff, as they have a bigger connection to the Thanksgiving holiday as a result. Ms. O’Brien explained,  “[When my cousin was born], my aunt and uncle were living in New York… in a tiny apartment… and we all went to New York City with my grandparents and had Thanksgiving… and [then] went to the Macy’s Day Parade. Now, every ten or so years, we all go back to New York City, [and we have Thanksgiving dinner] after the Macy’s Day Parade.” On a more comedic note, Dan M., Jack M., and Ryan M. all have had humorous incidents happen while they played football games outside with their relatives on Thanksgiving. Said Jack M., “Three years ago… at my grandma’s house, we were playing football and one of my cousins threw the ball really far and my uncle went to get it. He wasn’t looking where he was running and he fell into the pool while he was [trying to catch the ball].”

Many students wish to keep their old traditions alive this year. Their individual situations could possibly make that difficult, but hopes are high for them to enjoy Thanksgiving once again.

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