Mrs. Marrocco: The Newest Addition to Special Ed

Mrs. Marrocco (Middle) poses with seniors (Left to Right) Erin O, Olivia A, Camille C and Becky M

By: Aidan T.

Mrs. Marrocco joins the Duxbury High School family as the newest face in the Special Education Department this year.

Mrs. Marrocco grew up in Hanover and has always been familiar with Duxbury and DHS. “I had a few friends that graduated from Duxbury High School,” she said. “We always played Duxbury in sports, so I knew about Duxbury’s phenomenal reputation.”

In 2008, Mrs. Marrocco graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. In May of 2014, Mrs. Marrocco graduated from Lesley University with a Masters in Special Education. Before coming to Duxbury, Mrs. Marrocco taught at Norwell High School as a teacher’s aide. The following year she taught at Bourne Middle School as a Special Education teacher. “When a position opened up in Duxbury I was thrilled to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to work with such fantastic students and go back to the grades that I really loved teaching,” Mrs. Marrocco said.

Mrs. Marrocco has loved teaching at Duxbury thus far. “Working in Duxbury has been a fantastic experience,” Mrs. Marrocco said. “Everyone from the administration and other staff members to the students and parents have been incredibly welcoming and supportive.”

Mrs. Marrocco has been made to feel comfortable and accepted by the members of the Duxbury community and Vice Principal Mr. Donovan feels she has excelled at her position. “Mrs. Marrocco is a fantastic person and a great addition to the High School.” Mr. Donovan said. Mr. Donovan also said that the administration knew they wanted to hire Mrs. Marrocco instantly, “As soon as we met her, we wanted her to be a part of our team. We thought she’d be a fantastic fit in our district,” said Mr. Donovan

Mrs. Marrocco impression of the students at DHS has been very positive. “I have been very impressed with the students at Duxbury. I really enjoy all of the kids in my classes. It’s so much fun getting to know everyone and seeing how talented and creative they all are.” As to what Mrs. Marrocco has liked about her job the most, she said “Creating relationships with my students has been the best part of my job so far.”

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