This Club Will Be Right Up Your Alley

Seniors Nicole Gavin, MK Ward, and Will Kalous act out their bowling skills.
Seniors Nicole Gavin, MK Ward, and Will Kalous act out their bowling skills.

By: Kaley R

The Duxbury High School bowling team is into its third year and  meets at Kingston 10 Pin on Tuesdays at 4pm. The teacher advisors are Mr. Sprague and Mr. Pondaco.

The Bowling Club started in the winter of 2012. Mr. Sprague said, “I had always wanted to start a bowling team so I started talking to some of my softball players about it.” The two main people that were interested in starting the team are now DHS graduates, Christina Curley and Caroline McSherry. Both girls were involved with band, and when they told band teacher Mr. Pondaco about Mr. Sprague’s idea, he wanted to get involved too.

They spread their idea of making a bowling team into a new after-school club at first through word-of-mouth and then through the announcements that run before and after school. “I have heard about the bowling team by seeing the flyers they put up around school, if I didn’t play a winter sport I would definitely participate,” said sophomore Ben Quinlan. Quinlan also said that he thinks it is great for students to have the option to bowl with their friends through the school. Senior Ben Caliendo said he found out about the bowling club through a reliable network of friends and DHS staff. The team’s first meeting at Kingston 10 Pin there was approximately 15 people. Since then, the bowling team’s numbers have only increased.

The main purpose of the team is to have fun. Mr. Sprague said that there are three main points to the bowling team. First, you can create and pick your own teams which is a big factor for teenagers these days. Second,  if you are not a great bowler it’s okay because you do not have to be competitive when you go to bowling. And third, if you are a good bowler you can turn it into a competition by asking the other teams to compete with you. There are all sorts of fun tournaments and games that you can do while at bowling.

Last bowling season, Ben Caliendo was very happy with a 2nd place overall title and a final bowling score of 201. This year Ben is recruiting a team with Craig Feeney and Ben Brandeis. They have decided on a possible name of “The Duders”

Mr. Sprague said the bowling team is “the best of all worlds” because you can choose whether or not to be competitive with it. Senior Niall Dillon said, “[The bowling team] seems like a lot of  fun, I am definitely thinking about joining.”

If you have any questions about the bowling team talk to seniors Kitty Hunter and Michelle Meier, and advisors Mr. Sprague and Mr. Pondaco.

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