Senioritis Strikes At DHS

College acceptances add to senioritis stress
College acceptances add to senioritis stress

By: Sarah A.

Senior year in high school is a time for college tours, applications, and deciding where to spend the next four years after high school. During this time, “senioritis” kicks in and students have difficulty focusing on schoolwork and homework.

However, is senioritis a real problem? Senior Mackenzie B. said she definitely sympathizes with people that have it because it is hard to stay focused in school with graduation coming up soon. Senior Olivia A. said, “I think senioritis is real…I have a fatal case of senioritis.” Senior Bridget D. said, “To me, senioritis is an inability to focus on the work you have right now because you’re thinking so much about college, there’s a lot to think about. So in that case I guess I have senioritis.”

Olivia A. defines senioritis as “a problem that affects seniors after they’ve gotten into a college leading them to kick back and not care about school/homework.” Senior Ali B. said she doesn’t have senioritis yet, but “it is a real thing. Senioritis is when seniors are lazy and they don’t want to do much because of college coming up.”

Some senior students have already committed to colleges early in the year. Mackenzie B. said that committing this early in the year to Tufts University adds stress because she already has a plan for the future and still has to focus on finishing high school.

For seniors, there are many different reasons why living with senioritis is so difficult. Bridget D. said, “I’m stressing about next year when I should be doing homework that’s due tomorrow. The hardest part of having it is knowing you have it and struggling to get rid of it.” Mackenzie B. thinks the hardest part is “no longer having the motivation or effort to do work.”
Faculty members have their own opinions on senioritis. DHS teacher Mrs. Raftery said, “After April Vacation, it is very real. Before, it is an excuse to not do anything and then whine when grades aren’t high.” DHS Guidance counselor Mrs. Jurgens is not a fan of senioritis. Jurgens said, “It can be a real problem if students don’t follow through with work. Colleges require final transcripts and can revoke their offers.”

Juniors get to see the effects that senioritis has on students before they experience it themselves next year. Junior Emily B. said, “Seniors have a right to freak out. All the application deadlines and last minute details seem to be really stressful.” However, Emily B. does not think of senioritis as a major problem because seniors will be leaving high school soon and “get to leave the high school stress behind.” Junior Cam A. said, “I don’t think it’s a problem, but it’s definitely a real thing. I think that for the seniors that freak out about college, they just second guess themselves, and are doubtful they will get in, but we’ve all heard the expression time and time again that ‘there is a college for everyone’ and I think that is 100% true.”

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