Overcrowded Lunches?

By: Morgan R

Twenty- eight lunches occur during Duxbury High school’s seven day cycle. Most of the lunches can seat everyone, but some are a tight squeeze.

Many lower students have enjoyed all aspects of their lunches in the cafeteria . “When I walk into the cafeteria it’s always clean and I can always find a seat” said junior Helen Fulmer . Freshman Teddy G said “I can usually find my friends at lunch ,so I just sit with them, but one time I had to sit with people I didn’t know. “ The cafeteria can be empty as well. “My first and second lunches are usually empty” said freshman Beau B.

Many Seniors usually sit in Breadboard down the hall. This area is noticeably smaller, but is more open . The Breadboard area is a senior privilege, and is enjoyed by many of its students it’s available to.   Sometimes students race to get there, depending what lunch it is . Senior Lilly Sr said “I can never remember which one of my lunches is overcrowded, so I just rush to get to all of them”.

Mr. Stephens said he hopes there is a solution to the uneven lunches, but there may not be. “Students need to understand that the first priority is running the classrooms” said Mr. Stephens. All students are encouraged by Mr. Stephens to talk or email their principal about which lunches are the most crowded.

Since Breadboard is smaller than than cafeteria and closer to the main stairs, many students feel the seats fill up quicker. The area is much closer to the main staircase. “ I like having Breadboard , I don’t like how sometimes I can’t find a seat” said senior Beth B.

While the cafeteria and Breadboard can be extremely busy, it can also be almost empty. The cause of all this is mostly from the large number of students in the school. Duxbury HIgh School principal Mr. Stephens said “It’s the biggest class I’ve seen in the past 9 years working at Duxbury HIgh school, around 1,020 students”.

The next project Mr. Stephens plans to address is the lunchroom.

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