Rivals Continue To Clash

Jabrill Peppers and Ezekiel Elliot are sure to be contributors this year

By: Peter G.

Ohio State and Michigan have had one of the longest lasting rivalries in college football. The first meeting being in 1897, these two teams have a long time hatred for one another. Many years have passed and 111 games between the two have been played. This year is different though. With many storylines covering both teams this could one of the biggest games we’ve had in recent years.

Over the last season both Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett had flashes of brilliance. They both had times where they were absolutely fantastic.

Most people think Cardale Jones should start at quarterback for the Buckeyes.

Some people refer to the games Cardale played in last year as a reason for him to start this year. For example, Brendan C. said, “ Cardale Jones should start. He played great in the playoff. He deserves it.” Some people think he has a better skill set. Eli P. said, “I believe in Cardale, He’s a better passer and he’s better in the pocket.” Some people flat out think he should be playing. Ryan M. said “Cardale Jones because he hasn’t done anything to lose his job.”

Others support J.T. Barrett. Frankie T. said, “Personally I think that J.T. Barrett should start for the Buckeyes because he was voted captain by his peers, and I think that the quarterback position should be run by a captain of team where everyone respects him, and I don’t know if Cardale is there yet.” Cole P. said, “ I think J.T. Barret should get a shot because of how average Cardale has been. J.T. needs a chance to prove himself.”

Is Ezekiel Elliott still a legitimate Heisman contender? Frankie T. said “ I think if there wasn’t so much talk about the quarterbacks for Ohio state he’d be a much better contender then he is right now but as of right now he is not one the main focuses for the nation for the award.” about his chances.

James M. said, “ He is electric. He’s a beast on the field. I think he is a front runner.”

After moving from quarterback to H-back this offseason, Braxton Miller is finding ways to make plays wherever he is on the field.

Will Braxton Miller will continue to excel at his new role on the team and maybe even to the next level in the NFL? The responses were almost all the same. Eli P. said “I do. I think he’s a great prospect right now. The way he played against Virginia Tech shocked us and I think he’s the most versatile player in the country.” Frankie T. said “I do think he is very capable of playing his H-back well position and into the NFL. He’s athletic enough to play there and he’s has the determination to be good there.”

Moving to Michigan, they have had wild past few months and now it’s on to the 2015 season.

Is Harbaugh was the right man for the job? Justin W. said “I think he is a great coach, he coached great in college before and in the NFL. I think he’ll be able to re-find the success he had in the past.” Frankie T. being quoted again said, “I do. As of right now it might look a little shaky but I think that he is because he has great experience. He’ll bring some hope back to the fan base at Michigan and he has good experience at the next level which I think that team needs right now.”

Michigan has not been at the top of the Big Ten Conference in a while. I asked people if they think that Michigan is a legitimate contender in the Big Ten this year. Ryan M. said, “ I think they can be. They are decent and I think that they are at the top tier in the Big Ten.” But, Brendan C. said, “ I don’t think they are there yet but they will be in the next few years.”

The Ohio State v.s. Michigan game this year will be at Michigan, in the Big House in Ann Arbor. Is home field advantage for Michigan will be a matter in this game? Ryan M. said, “It will, it always does.” And Brendan C. said, “It definitely will because the Big House is always rockin’.”

Who will win the Big Game: Ohio State v.s. Michigan. A final total of 10 out of the 12 people interviewed said Ohio State. James M. said it best for everyone in saying “Ohio State is too good to lose it. I go Ohio State.”

After 111 meetings between the two, Hatred has never simmered. Lets hope the 112th meeting lives up to the expectations.

What do you think?

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