Schoology Used By Many

Schoology is used by teachers and students school-wide
Schoology is used by teachers and students school-wide

By: Aidan T.

Students all across Duxbury are getting better acquainted with Schoology. With last years introduction of the laptops, Schoology has been selected as the school-wide LMS platform.

A group comprised of Duxbury students, faculty and parents were presented with several LMS (Learning Management Software) platforms such as Edmodo, Blackboard and Schoology. Superintendent Dr. Tantillo said, “We took the survey at the end of the year and students overwhelmingly… wanted just one Learning Management System,”

Dr. Hunter, assistant superintendent, facilitated a group made up of several members of the community including teachers, students and parents to observe four different LMS platforms. “The group narrowed the platforms down to two… which were Blackboard and Schoology,” Dr. Tantillo said, “The group got to choose which one they preferred and they ended up ultimately choosing Schoology.

As of this year, teachers are not required to use Schoology however according to Dr. Tantillo, “Most teachers are using [Schoology].”

Many students across the school system enjoy using Schoology. Junior Emily M., who was part of the group that helped choose Schoology, said, “I think it’s very helpful. I think there are a lot of aspects of Schoology that are helpful such as the calendar which keeps us up-to-date on all our assignments.” Seventh grade student Chase E. said “It’s overall very useful because I prefer to take tests and quizzes on line rather than justpen and paper.”

DHS teacher Mr. Bagshaw said “ I think [Schoology]

is better than what I was using last year but I am still learning and not using it at it’s full capacity.” However, Mr. Bagshaw also feels like the new technology is not necessarily helping students. “Students are becoming more like robots and less humanistic becausetheir attention is more focused on their laptops than on human interaction.”

Other students feel like Schoology hasn’t lived up to their standards. Junior Zach C. said, “[Schoology] is moderately effective but it’s a hassle searching through all the folders and files trying to find a specific thing.” Junior Tyler W. said, “I think a lot of the new technology is pretty useful but it’s a bit overwhelming.”

While some students find the new technology a bit much, other feel like it helping students learn. Sophomore Grace A.
said, “I feel like the technology has advanced our learning and allows us to do more things.”

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