Always Winning : 2007 vs. 2015

Pats article photo
Patriots run out of the tunnel at Gillette Stadium

By: Peter G.

One thing is always expected and always followed through with in New England, winning. In 2007, the New England Patriots finished with a record of 18-1 and fell just short of another Super Bowl championship in Foxboro. 2015 is not too different, with a record after week 10 of 9-0; the Patriots are drawing lots of comparison to their 2007 counterparts. The real question is, what team is better?

            Both offenses have been lead by the same man who is one of the most beloved figures for Patriots fans, and that man is Tom Brady,

            2007 was one of the most historic years for Brady… and he’s on pace to be great again on 2015. Most people think that a 2015 version of Brady is better than 2007.  Senior Max D. said “I think it’s clear he’s on a kill trip this year. He’s mad at the NFL, he’s been on an intense diet and I think he wants to show everyone that he is not a cheater and he’s going to go after it. I think he is better this year and the numbers wont lie.” Junior Aidan C. said, “I think that even though Brady has gotten older, he is playing like he is in his prime. Right now, Brady is as good as he was and maybe even better then he was in 2007.”

            Both offenses featured incredible players that can change the way everything looks anytime they touch the ball. Moss and Gronkowski are two of the most electrifying Patriots ever, but which one is better in the Patriots offense?

      Some think its Randy Moss. Senior Will M. said, “I go with Moss. They are both freak athletes, but Moss was always dangerous. I once heard that Bill Belicheck said that Randy Moss is the smartest receiver he has ever had.” Some would prefer Gronk. Sophomore Ryan M. said, “ I’m going to say Gronk. He’s so athletic for a big guy and he is so hard to cover. I think he is a huge cog in our offense.”

      On defense, a huge strength is the Patriots Linebackers. With both units being so strong, which one was better?

      Some were very emphatic with their answers, most saying 2015. Aidan C. said, “I go with the 2015 corps. 2007 was really good, but 2015 is so athletic and Jamie Collins is amazing.” Will M. said “This year no doubt. Jamie Collins is the best in the league.” Max D. said ““ 2015. All of them have something to prove. They had bigger names in ’07 but the production this year has been unmatched.”

      Two safeties roam the deep part of the field but on both teams one has stood out. In 2007 it was Rodney Harrison and this year it is Devin McCourty.

            In a huge difference then from what I thought, almost all will go Harrison. The best quote I had as Sophomore Curran C. saying, “ I would say Rodney. He played with such a great swagger.”

            Both teams are fantastic, the Pats went 18-1 in ’07, and are on a great track this year. The Patriots have seven games left and look to finish with a many wins as possible.

What do you think?

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