Cool Beans

graphsBy Julia F

Will students stop buying iced coffee during the cold months of winter, or will they risk frost bite to enjoy their ice cold beverages? The Trail of Tears becomes a much colder experience because of the unbearable icy drinks in hand. Many DHS students that prefer iced coffee agreed that they will most likely still buy iced coffee even when the temperature is below freezing. Are students addicted?

According to Webmd, caffeine is addictive because it is a stimulant to the central nervous system, and regular use of caffeine causes mild physical dependence. However it doesn’t threaten one’s health the way addictive drugs do. DHS Nurse, Mrs. Malone said, “Caffeine withdrawals can cause headaches, because regular caffeine consumption can lead to dependence.” There are also other side effects of caffeine, Malone said, “Students feel shaky and anxious mid morning, especially if they don’t have any food in their stomach while drinking coffee.”  

Students have proved that the caffeine addiction may be present at Duxbury High School. Senior, Kayla S. said, “If I run out of coffee money, I resort to buying coffee in all quarters, and sometimes dimes.” Many people can’t get through the day without caffeine. It helps to energize and awaken the body. Senior, Rachel O. said, “I get coffee twice a day almost everyday, I live at Marylou’s.”

The poll found that more girls than boys drink coffee. Senior, Cam P. said, “I stop at Marylou’s in the morning so my sister can get a ‘Caramel Lou’; I don’t like the taste of coffee”. This was a common theme amongst the boys at DHS. The majority of boys that answered the survey said they drink water or juice in the morning.

The survey and graphs show that iced coffee and Dunkin Donuts are the two most popular drinks and coffee stores are Duxbury High School.

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