Take No Defeat to Keep the Treats

By Jay W.

Hidden in the cafeteria beyond the everyday snacks lay a beacon of hope for DHS students.  The dates were November 30th and December 1st, days that will go down in DHS history for all the future freshman to gawk at. 

The beginning of a bright era of snacks – The Rice Krispie Treats are here.

The Rice Krispie Treats have officially conquered the lunch room.

“They were twice the size as a normal sized Rice Krispie Treat, and usually
they [the cafeteria staff] sell really healthy foods so it was surprising to see,” said sophomore Elise B. Mrs. Prince, Duxbury’s representative for Chartwell, was unable to discuss this issue, but DHS assistant principal Jim Donovan said, “Everything that is sold through the cafeteria is put through the team in Chartwell,” said Mr. Donovan. The Rice Krispie Treats had made it through the system, and the students were overjoyed.

On December 2nd 2015, there were no Rice Krispie Treats to be found. Students were crushed. Where did their beloved snack go? “I had a first-hand experience; I wasn’t happy about that experience,” said junior Jeff S. Freshman Matthew G. said, “Rumor has it that they just locked them up in a cage – they should be eaten and sold.”

Truly, the students believed that the Rice Krispie Treats were gone, some began to lose hope, others had no clue about the incident at all. Some students took a more metaphorical approach to the situation, “I feel that it was a shining star in a field of darkness that could have possibly panned out – but it didn’t,” said senior Griffin B. But the memory of the Rice Krispie Treats would not fade.

Would the Rice Krispie Treats ever return? “I don’t have a comment on their ability to return – Chartwell is the one that does all that, we have no control,” said Mr. Donovan, “The auditing they have to go through is really intense,” he said. It truly seemed that it was all just one mistake in the system. But then, in the midst of the student’s shock and defeat, hope began to return.

On the date of December 10th 2015, whole grain Rice Krispie Treats appeared again in the lunchroom. It seemed that the sale of the treats the week prior was a warm-up to the item students now have in their snack shelf. The truth had been found, the case of the Rice Krispie Treat incident of 2015 had been put to rest, and DHS students were blessed to enjoy Rice Krispie Treats with their marshmallow goodness for years to come.

Now students of DHS, whole grain Rice Krispie Treats are back on the shelves of our very own cafeteria, and it is recommended that students support the sale of these snacks in order to prevent any future incident like before to ever happen again.


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