Valentine’s Day: Single Edition

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.53.32 AMBy: Hannah A

Oh, Valentine’s Day. The day I usually don’t dread, but this year it’s all a little different. Being single on Valentine’s Day is like being Jewish on Christmas. You’re just out of place. I personally don’t think that Valentine’s Day would be such a big deal if girls didn’t hype it up. Who’s getting you roses and where you are going out to dinner is always the topic of discussion for girls in the month of February.

I personally liked the old days back in elementary school when we were all each other’s Valentine. The night before Valentine’s Day I always made my little mailbox out of an orange carton for all the candies I was going to receive the next day. This year I spend the night before Valentine’s Day planning out which shows on Netflix I will binge watch.

The past couple years Valentine’s Day has been a little different for me. This is the first year of high school that I have been single on Valentine’s Day.

I hope to treat it like any normal day. Binge watch “Chelsea Does” and eat lots of Duxbury Pizza.

One idea that seems to appeal to me is Amy Poehler’s idea of Galentine’s Day. A day that is about “ladies celebrating ladies” and their friendship. At this age having a boyfriend isn’t the most important but having amazing friends is.

My recommendation for any single girl on Valentine’s Day is to gather up with all your other single friends and eat as much as you can. The best movie to watch in my opinion is “John Tucker Must Die.” It goes to show how much guys truly do suck.

I plan on getting my closest friends a cute, small but meaningful present. I will probably get her some makeup and candy. Me and my best friend, Mia, are going out to dinner on Saturday night in Boston. It doesn’t have to be all about guys, it can just be about love. Love your friends, family and most importantly yourself

What do you think?

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