Back at it Again with The Bachelor

Bachelor Collage
Season 20 of ABC’s The Bachelor 

By Jay W.

Audiences might not have thought that The Bachelor could get crazier, but here we are. Season 20 of ABC’s The Bachelor is a milestone in the series and for television as a whole. The participants, the dates, and of course, the bachelor himself, Ben Higgins, changed the real meaning of the date show this past season.

Without going into a huge debate about whether or not The Bachelor is a realistic show, its running time has been ongoing for years. Starting back in the spring of 2002, the hit match-making show took television ratings by storm. That being said, television has changed, and the main focus of media has been redirected to the Internet. As the Internet rose in popularity and preference, over the years The Bachelor began to drop in ratings.

To combat the problem of dropping television ratings, the producers took it upon themselves to enlist the wackiest group of single individuals they could find. We have Lace, the girl who threw a temper-tantrum on the first night after Ben failed to look at her. Next there is Mandi, the dentist who cleaned Ben’s teeth on camera after their first date. And who could forget about Tiara the chicken enthusiast!? The truth of the matter is that the entire show was set up to be the most wild season ever aired on television, all to attract audience attention.

This brings up the oddity of the latest season. Instead of “looking for love,” Ben Higgins and the majority of his finalists were looking to find marriage, something that will last and not end in divorce like many of the previous seasons. Seriously, out of the 20 seasons, 19 of the couples broke up within a year of the final episode release. The show had gotten too unrealistic for viewers, and because of that, the ratings dropped.

Still, with 9.2 million viewers, the season finale left the audience shocked and confused. Some were confident on their choice competitor, “I wanted Lauren B. to win from the beginning, she seemed real, sweet, and pretty,” said senior Anna C. Lauren B. is only one of the 19 contestants on the line-up. However not everyone was pleased with the show’s progression, “I was very surprised, I was not happy at all,” said senior Abby J.

The first few weeks of Ben’s search for love were wild. Fights broke out between the girls constantly, each arguing over who would get the next “one-on-one date.” Then, as the weeks rolled by, the show became much more serious. The final three contestants left were not worried about how Ben would be as a husband, but about how he would be as a companion for life. Believe it or not, this is something new to The Bachelor, much obliged after the 19 previous failed marriages before.

Season 20  made a lot of changes to the franchise that may or may not have been for the best, but either way this season had many changes to the structure and expectations of The Bachelor.

What do you think?

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