Tove Lo’s New Album Lady Wood

By: Lizzy Creamer

Tove Lo is proving herself to be more than a one-hit-wonder as she prepares to release her sophomore album Lady Wood. Her previous album, Queen of the Clouds, contained top hits such as Habits, Talking Body, and Not On Drugs. Lady Wood has already released the songs Influence (ft. Wiz Khalifa), True Disaster, and Cool Girl as a preview of the new album.

maxresdefault-1Critics have often questioned the pop singer about the content of her songs and told her talking about sex, drugs, and various other topics makes her a bad role model for young listeners.

tove_lo_-_cool_girl_single_coverCombatting the sexist standards in an interview with The Idolator Tove Lo said, “I just remember defending myself in a lot of situations where I was wondering, ‘Why am I defending myself? I shouldn’t have to make a case about this.”

She told The Idolator “I express myself with my body onstage and off. It’s a very beautiful, powerful thing.” She doesn’t intend to let negative feedback get in the way of her creative process.

0Concerning the upcoming album, Tove Lo tweeted “Babes my second album is coming and I’m so proud, excited & terrified. Full on LADY WOOD. Out Oct 28th. #LADYWOOD” Lady Wood will be released on October 28th, 2016, and pre-ordering is available now.


Listen to Influence (ft. Wiz Khalifa) now.

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