Clown Takeover

Photo taken from

By: Brooke S

A new concern has swept the country-clowns.

The incidents began at the end of August in South Carolina. Clowns were seen in the woods, by schools, and near homes. The sightings never raised much concern until children were coming to their parents saying they were being bribed money and candy for them to follow the clowns into the woods.

Outrage and fear spread as news of these clowns traveled cross country.

Duxbury High School principal, Andrew Stephens shared with me what he knew saying, “Everything I’ve hear about the clown epidemic was from my 7th grade daughter who has heard all sorts of things that are freaking her out about clowns raiding the country and supposedly luring kids into the woods”

The takeover has become quite a popular topic amongst people, and even social media.

There have been multiple parody videos, pranks, and twitter accounts showing people’s interactions with them.  Here is an example of a twitter account:

What struck people most was the coincidence of a phenomenon of terrifying clown sightings and the upcoming remake of the book/movie “It”.

New Line Cinema has been working on the remake of the popular book for its release date of September 2017.  It has been thought that the talk of this soon to be released movie is what has brought the nationwide sweep of clowns.

The production company even had to come out with a statement saying, “New Line is absolutely not involved in the rash clown sightings.”

Mr. Stephens adds, “People get their inspiration from a lot of different places and so I’m sure there are a lot of other things that folks may have been turning to to explain their motivation, if they even have that at all”.

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