Opinion; Fast and Furious Eight, One Too Many?


When opposing forces collide, a dark figure blackmails Dom Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, into turning against his crew, it’s up to Luke Hobbs, Dwayne Johnson, to stop his old friend, and perhaps save the world into the bargain, with the help of a deadly foe in Ian Shaw, Jason Statham.

Many people were skeptical when seeing Fast and Furious eight, yet another sequel of the Fast and Furious series released on April 14th. It is the eighth sequel of the series which speaks for itself, as movie series typically last no more than three sequels.

Critics have had their fair share of positives and negatives, but one thing thing they all had as a con was the number eight. One review said, “The number eight sat well on Steven Gerrard, but not necessarily on movies.”

“I have not yet seen the eight movie of the series, but I liked the first couple of films but do feel that it will have the same excitement the eight time around without Paul Walker.” Senior Aidan C said.

Fast & Furious 8, changing from the understandably dramatic, The Fate Of The Furious across the Pond sets out to break a curse that took down the likes of Friday The 13th and The Pink Panther, as people simply thought the two series had gone on for too long.

This is no longer a down-and-dirty series about loveable carjacking criminals. It now is an action packed, worldwide extravaganza. Fast 8 is more of the same, more or less, with the emphasis heavily on more. It does so in much of the same manner that transformed the franchise from an afterthought into one of the world’s biggest box office earners by doubling down on expected income and profit.

A consensus opinion amongst many DHS students was that eight movies is just too much for one series, “Yeah I feel like this series definitely should’ve ended one or two movies ago, eight is just too much.” DHS Sophomore Jack V said.


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