DHS Seniors Prepare for Life After Graduation

By Ella R, Hailey B, and Jillian H.

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Abby L.

Abby L. is looking forward to Northeastern University next year, where she will be studying biology.

Abby chose Northeastern largely because of its co-op program in which students get to work with companies in their field of study. “I chose biology because I’ve always been really interested in science,” she said of her choice in major. “I want to go mainly into cellular biology and genetics because I had two aunts who died from cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic disease. I want to be able to help people like them and hopefully be able to prevent common genetic diseases.”

Abby is nervous for the change and nostalgic about high school, but is nonetheless excited and ready. “Northeastern is close, so I know if I need anything I can always come home and have my mom do laundry or something,” she said.

Growing up, Abby wanted to be a teacher, but realized she does not really enjoy children. However, she did advise underclassmen to enroll in the high school courses that interest them. She said, “Don’t take AP classes just to take AP classes.”

Max K.

Senior Max K. is planning on beginning a gap year this fall. He is currently interested in a career in graphic design or fashion design and hopes to use the upcoming year to better figure out his ambitions.

About his decision, which may be viewed by many as nontraditional, Max said, “I chose this path because I do not want to rush into college without a better idea of what I really want to do.”

Max feels confident in his choice and is looking forward to the year ahead. He plans to use this time to work, intern, and build up his portfolio.

“Growing up, I was never really sure about what I wanted to be,” Max said, “But I’ve always loved art, so I suppose it isn’t too surprising that I want to pursue a career in graphic design or fashion design.”



Maya G.

Maya G. will be studying at UMass Amherst next year. Her intended major is environmental science.

As to why she chose this major, Maya said, “I love the environment and I feel that people don’t treat it as it should be treated. In the end I want to do something with animals because of the horrors of the meat industry, we need to fix that.”

When she was a kid, Maya wanted to be an astronaut, so she acknowledges her dreams have changed. However, she did say that she has always loved animals.

Maya is looking forward to college next year and claims she is not even nervous. “I am excited to break out of high school and meet some new people,” said Maya. “[Duxbury] is a small town and UMass is pretty big.”



Ryan R.

Next year, Ryan R. will be attending Harvard University and playing football on the team. The Harvard Crimson football team is in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision.

Ryan is excited for his freshman year and is thankful he gets to experience it at Harvard. Referring to his commitment, he said, “It is a top academic school and it has great athletics so it was a great option.”

Ryan has always wanted to become a professional athlete, but he was never sure what sport growing up.

Referring to whether or not he has decided if his dream is to be a professional football player, he said, “I think I am still on that path but if it doesn’t work out, hopefully Harvard can carry me through the rest of the way.”



Zach K.

Zach K. is set to attend the University of South Carolina come August. He will be enrolled in the Darla Moore School of Business as a business major.

“I will officially be a [Game]cock. University of South Carolina bound,” said Zach.

As a kid, Zach dreamed of being a chimney sweep, but his aspirations have changed. He is incredibly excited to be attending his top school.

Of his college search process, Zach said, “The number one factor for me was climate and region. I like warm weather; I like southern culture, southern food; Krispy Kreme, of course; Southern girls are objectively hotter; [and] it’s a big football school.”

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