Humans of Duxbury: Joyce Keyes


By: Julia B.

Name: Joyes Keyes

Occupation: Director of operations for an orthopedic company and volunteer at Standish Humane Society


“I have a full-time job and I volunteer here (Standish Humane Society) probably more hours that most people work. I’ve had a love for animals my whole life. When I was a little girl I used to bring home anything and everything you could imagine. I’ve brought home everything from lizards to four baby raccoons. I had brought them into the house, but what I didn’t realize was that raccoons make the biggest racket when they are hungry… I thought I could hide them, not so much.”

“ I have very passionate and strong feelings about animal abuse. When I think about the abuse especially now that social media is out there and you can physically and visibly see some of the abuse that they capture, it sickens me. I have trouble understanding how we walk side by side with people who can abuse an animal.”

What do you think?

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