#MeToo: Fighting Sexual Harassment and Assault

By Kaitlyn B.

Recently, there has been something called the ‘#MeToo’ movement circulating social media.

This movement was first made known in Hollywood, by actress Alyssa Milano. She sent a tweet out urging her followers to reply with the hashtag ‘Me Too’ if they have ever experienced sexual harassment or assault of any kind.

Immediately, millions of replies began flowing in.

This movement is a very new concept, and people think that it has negative and positive connotations.

Though the hashtag does spark discussion on a topic that is usually kept quiet, many believe it doesn’t do much in the long run. It may have an immediate, short-term reaction, but will it eventually wear off like social media happenings often do?

“My problem with it is that it’s a hashtag and it’s going to be irrelevant in a matter of weeks. I feel like people should be out there making social change, talking to legislators, speaking in public, not just posting something on twitter,” said Ava C. “It’s the sad truth, but the majority of people have had an experience with sexual harassment or assault. Though it’s a good way to spread awareness for a few weeks, no long term change is really going to come from it.”

Allison M. said, “It can reach a lot of people but a hashtag doesn’t help with what is actually going on, and it doesn’t solve a lot of real problems.”

“In terms of social movements, that power of social media to create situations where somebody can’t say, ‘oh that doesn’t happen here’ or, ‘oh that’s not as big of a deal as you say it is’ because of how many people put things up with that hashtag Me Too is hugely powerful,” said Ms. McGuire.

“We don’t have a good representation of women in society that are willing to speak up, or even men. This movement helps encourage others to talk about something that is unfortunately, extremely prominent,” said Kacy C.

Sophomore Brodie S. said, “I think that if one person is comfortable enough saying something about that, then more people may feel like they can.”

When asked if he believes the #MeToo movement is a good way of spreading societal awareness, Aidan M., a senior, said “Yes and no. Though it can bring unwanted attention and can potentially make a situation worse, I think you can have experiences that are negative and it is good to be part of something where you can relate to other people.”

The #MeToo movement is not going away. Even more people have been accused of sexual assault and harassment in this country since the movement began on October 15, 2017.

What do you think?

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