Meet Ms. Levine


By Cooper D.

Ms. Levine blames her love of history on growing up in New England and being surrounded by so many historical sites.

Here at Duxbury High School, she teaches U.S. History, AP Government, and Sociology.

Ms. Levine grew up in Wayland Massachusetts and subsequently attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. “I really enjoyed Dickinson,” said Ms. Levine. “I liked going to school out of state [because] it was nice to get a different experience.”

After graduating she moved back to Massachusetts where she taught in Dracut, then in Westwood. After Westwood, she started teaching at Duxbury.

She says Westwood and Duxbury are similar in their passion for academics. What drew her to Duxbury was a passion for education. “The emphasis that Duxbury had on academics was really important to me,” said Ms. Levine.

At Duxbury, she teaches only high schoolers, but she previously taught middle schoolers. She said, “High school is a lot more student-lead things which are great [because] you can do a lot more hands-on stuff.”

Ms. Levine enjoys the technology program here at Duxbury as “it allows for more flexibility in the classroom, especially for history [because] we do a lot of research so it provides us to do the research right in the class.”

Ms. Levine has loved history for a long time. “I just loved checking out history in school and I think seeing history as one big story drew me to be a storyteller which is what drew me into teaching.”


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