Goodbye, Foodies

Ben Acker


For 11 years, Foodies has been Duxbury’s only major grocery store, located at Hall’s Corner. But earlier this month, Foodies closed its doors for good. A Roche Bros. with a similar layout will be put in place in the building, but that’s not to say that Duxbury residents won’t miss Foodies.

With Foodies closing, the town of Duxbury is left without a major supermarket.

“I usually go to Star Market in Marshfield for most groceries,” said Duxbury resident Avery J., “but I still used Foodie whenever I needed something quick. It’s definitely going to be inconvenient to have to go there for everything now.”

Other supermarkets nearby will likely see a rise in the amount of customers until Roche Bros. opens at Hall’s Corner.

“I’ll go to the Big Y or Stop & Shop,” said Kedric C., “because it’s the next closest grocery store to me.”

Currently, Roche Bros. is scheduled to open in Duxbury next summer. There is already a Roche Bros. nearby in Marshfield, so many will know what to expect.

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