A Way To Escape: ART

By Anouk L.


Art is a popular elective here at Duxbury High School. Many students partake in the multitude of courses that DHS offers yearly. 

This pride the students have in their artwork translates to frequent showcases for student work–including the art on Main Street.

On the first floor hallway, known as Main Street, you can find different art works, of all styles and mediums. In one area of the hallway, you can find paintings made collectively by students of abstract humans forms, across from that examples of digital art works made in the Creative Imaging Class. Further down the hallway, there is more digital works made by students. These works show different parts of the all world.

Three student artists share their experiences at DHS.

Kalin M. takes two art classes this year. She takes one AP class and one creative imaging on the computers. Outside of school, she has also taken art classes for 8 years. Her second student, Alia Y. did a drawing station in Kindergarten, and she has continued since then in taking art classes every year in High School. Finally, Angela Z. takes Drawing and Painting 1, which she has done since Freshman year, and she even took art classes in middle school.

All juniors this year, except for Angela who is a senor, Kalin, and Alia share a common passion: art. They all started practicing art at a young age.

Alia said, “I always liked doing art since kindergarten, and the younger years of my life. At home, I would always take a piece of paper and draw stuff on it. I did art as a hobby and a pastime.”

Similarly, Kalin said, “Since I was a little baby and I could have a paint brush in my hands, I was drawing and painting. It’s just what I did, I love to create.”

Angela added, “I always liked art so it was natural for me to go into art class.”

In their classes, they use many different mediums. Alia enjoys either using a bunch of different tools in her work, or just a simple one. She said, “I like just using a regular pencil and smudging in my drawings.” In class, they learn how to use different mediums.

Kalin said, “I can sculpt, I can draw, I can do anything with my hands.”

Angela said that art classes gave her a chance to explore different types of art. After her first experience with a variety of art tools, she said, “I remember the first time using color pencils, and my excitement at discovering their rich colors and ability to layer over another.”

For Kalin and Alia, art class is a way to disconnect from reality and to voice themselves.

Besides the more specific projects, students also have the freedom create.  Kalin said, “With this AP class you go and can do anything that you want in your project. It’s basically 12 pieces of whatever you want to create.” Kalin said, “Art is just my way of expressing myself. I can go up to someone and be like; this is what I see in my head and how I translate my feelings.”  

When Alia has the opportunity to do what she wants to, she likes to draw her pets and animals, adding, “Art is also a way to be really creative.”

When asked about inspiration, Angela said, “Generally, I simply try to develop the best skill level and idea or creative level I can achieve, so anything that I see that is good inspiration for me. My art usually comes from a huge jumble of sources, which I sometimes unconsciously use for my own.”

After high school, the students plan to go on to do something in art. There is no doubt in her voice when Kalin said “I would love to go on a profession where I could make art.” Alia said, “It might be hard to make a living of that, but definitely in the future I want to do it.” Angela said, “Art will definitely be a part of me for my whole life. It is too important for me to leave.”


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