Cost of Prom

In May, Duxbury High School will hold its prom at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Prom is a very exciting time for lots of students as they get to dress up in fancy outfits and go to a fun dance with all of their classmates.

Something that a lot of people don’t discuss when it comes to prom is the very steep price of it all. Prom tickets are $100 per person, renting a tux for a boy costs around $200, and buying a dress for a girl can cost anywhere from $50-$500.

Many students at Duxbury share very similar opinions with each other.

Senior Henry R. believes the cost is unreasonable when you factor everything together.

“Paying $200 for renting the tux is understandable because that’s probably how the stores make a lot of money,” said Henry, “but the ticket being $100 from the school is very annoying because that’s a huge amount of money for one night especially when a lot of guys buy their dates’ ticket, it ends up being $200.”

“I think the cost of prom is ridiculously high,” said senior Liam K., “I get that we need money for the busses and for Gillette but I think a lot of people would have the prom be free and just have it in the school like a lot of other schools. It also would be way better getting out at like 11 p.m. rather than getting home at like 1 a.m.”

Junior Holly M. agrees that the price of prom is too steep.

“This is my first time attending prom but it does seem a bit pricey. I think for everyone it at least ends up being $300 which is a lot,” said Holly M. “Some kids’ parents pay for it but a lot of kids have to pay with their own money which is like a whole week’s worth of money thrown into one night. I still am excited for it though!”

Overall it seems like the general opinion on the cost is very agreed upon. Many people think that the cost of Prom is very expensive and some could say quite outrageous.

What do you think?

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