Meet Macbeth Director Julia W.

By Daniel F.

The DHS Drama Program just finished performing Macbeth at this year’s states’ finals. This show was different from many before it, but one detail stands out: almost the entire production was both the idea of and directed by a student, senior Julia W.

The club’s advisor, drama teacher Darin MacFarlane, took a large step back this year and let Julia control the show. He said, “ It’s the first time I ever let a student director have that much control but I had the utmost confidence in her from having worked with her for a number of shows,” said Mr. MacFarlane. “She was capable of it because she is so organized and dedicated—she practically lives here.”

Julia’s brother, freshman Josh W., shared a similar view.

“She’s always putting a ton of hard work and she’s always doing basically everything,” he said.

Julia has an admitted love for Shakespeare. On choosing Macbeth she said, “I’ve always loved Shakespeare, and just gravitated towards it naturally when it came time to pick a show. I think the plot is really interesting and exciting and thought it would present a really fun challenge for all the actors.”

Julia’s concept for Macbeth was a startling new interpretation. Instead of being placed around the 16th century, she decided to make the play post-apocalyptic. The show’s characters are now members of warring tribes set in the future.

“We thought it would be much more interesting to put our own twist on it, which is why we decided to make it post-apocalyptic,” she said. “A lot of the themes in the show line up with that genre.”

Outside of drama, Julia is known to be quiet. As Mr. MacFarlane said, “I don’t think a lot of people see how knowledgeable she is and the strength that she has because she is so quiet and reserved. There are no limits to what she’s capable of doing.”

Feature image from Darin MacFarlane.

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