Springfest Has Actors and Actresses Springing into Action


By Kacy C.

Even as the school year is coming to a close, the Drama Department never rests. The annual Springfest auditions were held the week of April 8th. Springfest consists of three plays that go head to head, trying to be voted by a panel of volunteer judges the “best play.”

The auditions had one of the biggest turnouts of all time according to Mr. Mael and Darren M. and the cast lists confirm this with one of the plays, “The Adventures of Super Margaret,” directed by Mr. Mael and senior Liam O., having over 23 casted actors and actresses with almost none of the 42 people who auditioned being cut.

How the audition process works is those auditioning go in that day and receive the packets for each show containing each of the lines for each play. Those participating then only have around 10 to 40 minutes to go over the lines and audition them. They audition in front of each set of directors and student directors which then allows the directors to pick and choose who they want in their plays.

The process of auditioning for plays like these can be a difficult but, rewarding one. Sophomore Brody D. detailed how he felt auditioning for Springfest for the first time. “ It was a fun experience. I have never really tried out for a play like any of these before so it was a bit difficult for me at first, but I’m really happy to have had this experience,” said Brody D.

Mr. Mael, a first time director, had this to say about his first time directing. “I have never directed anything in my life so there was definitely a learning curve. There were so many talented people who auditioned and I was really happy with the turnout. The plays this year are going to be amazing,” said Mr. Mael.

Not only was this a different experience for those new to drama, but it was also a different process for those involved in musical theater. This was the case for junior Kaelyn B. who was in the school’s production of Beauty and the Beast. “For the musical audition, you had the song way before the audition and got the lines the day of. This was different because you kind of just have to wing it and hope it goes okay,” said Kaelyn B.

Even though all of the changes and difficulties of auditioning for Springfest, many including Mr. Mael, look forward to the final products of everyone’s efforts. “ I am beyond thrilled with the talents in all of the casts and can’t wait to see how all of these plays turn out,” said Mr. Mael.

The Springfest shows will be unveiled on June 7th.

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