So, You Think You Can Graduate?

By Liv M.

With graduation just around the corner, both seniors and juniors alike have been trying to get all of their course requirements completed. By now, seniors have (hopefully) completed all of their credits in order to graduate, but juniors are now under pressure to take classes that will allow them to do so next year. This brings up the question, what do you actually need to do in order to graduate from Duxbury High School? Well, the program of studies that the Guidance Department provides outlines these details. They are as follows…

Four years of English (20 credits), Three years of Science and Technology, including one year of Biology (15 credits), Four years of Mathematics (20 credits), Two years of United States History (10 credits), One year of World History (5 credits), Two years of World Language (in a single language) (10 credits), Four semesters of Physical Education/Health (10 credits), Four semesters in the Fine, Performing, or Practical Arts (10 credits), Electives (35 credits)

So, if you have completed all of the above, then you are all set to graduate. However, many seniors last year were disappointed to hear that they could not take some of the courses they wanted to. Senior Connor M. said, “I really wanted to take more electives than I had other years, but it ended up being the same this year. I feel like we should get to have more of an input about the classes we take.”

One of the things that was pointed out by the Guidance Department was, for the four semesters of a fine, performing or practical arts requirement, basically any elective qualifies as one of these. In addition to the fine, performing, or practical arts requirements, students will now have to take health in order to graduate. This change will begin with the class of 2021.

Junior Meagan B. also had something to say about the way the program of studies is structured. “I think that we should be more informed about the courses that we have to take earlier on, so we can get them done before senior year,” she said. “Maybe they could change the number of required credits as well.”

The Guidance Department has structured the graduation requirements this way for years, and it seems to be inflexible. Although, if you are concerned about your eligibility to graduate, the Guidance Department is always willing to help with any questions concerning the requirements. The program of studies can be found on the Duxbury Public Schools website.

What do you think?

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