Women Should Have a Right to Their Bodies

By Olivia M. and Kacy C.

   Over the last couple of years, one news topic brought to the forefront of the national discourse has been the fight over the legality of abortions within the United States. Many politicians, and activists believe that abortions should be legal without all of the restrictions put in place for those who have made the choice to have one. There are also many that believe women should be able to make the choice to have one or not.

    This week, Georgia has passed law stating the abortions within that state would only be legal before the six week mark of a pregnancy; the point in time were a heartbeat can be heart from the unborn baby.

       This law has been criticized as a violation of Roe V. Wade which gives the women the ability to have an abortion up until 25 weeks. Roe v. Wade is in direct contrast of Georgia’s new law which could be challenged by organizations like The American Civil Liberties Union in the coming weeks.

      This law is not the first of its’ kind to try and outlaw abortions, and it won’t be the last. Women have feared that they will soon be barred from getting abortions and with decisions like the one made in Georgia this week, their fears have only heightened.

     Women should have the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies without fear of men and those not in charge of their bodies dictating a decision that may impact them for the rest of their lives.

   Laws like the Georgia one can lead to a slippery slope; one that might even lead to the total obliteration of pre-existing laws like Roe V. Wade which has been vital in protecting rights like Abortion in America.

     Some may even see laws like these as detrimental to many women who may not have any other chance but to have an abortion, if that be because of health risks to the mother or because they were raped and may not have the means to support a child. This law in Georgia directly goes against pre-existing laws and should be deemed unconstitutional.

    Hopefully more people will stand up for those losing their voice right now, women, and maybe someday women will have the right to choose.

What do you think?

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