Dux Buds Take Prom 2019

By Kira B.

On Friday, May 24 from 5:30-8:30pm the Dux Buds Program at Duxbury High School hosted a dance at Venus II in Marshfield. There was great food and music, making it a blast for the 50+ students who were present at the dance.

The dance was hawaiian themed, and students enjoyed themselves whether it was by eating some yummy italian food (pasta, meatballs, bread, salad, and lemonade), dancing in a conga line, or just socializing with their friends.

Jessica M., a junior at DHS and the president of Dux Buds, said that the dance was a great opportunity for students to have fun without any pressure that other school dances might carry.

“Anyone who wants to have a good time can go,” said Jessica. “There’s no pressure to dress up if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to have a date.”

Giovanna H., a recently graduated senior at DHS, agrees with Jessica that Dux Buds Dance is an ideal, stress free environment for all students who attend.

“The Dux Buds Dance is special because everyone is there to have a good time and because it gives the Buds the opportunity to experience a high school dance without the parts that would be uncomfortable for them at the DHS prom — like being too noisy, having lots of people in a small area, or the lighting,” said Giovanna.

The Dux Buds dance was a great alternative to the DHS prom. Jessica explained that since students from the Plymouth Area Collaborative (PAC) are not technically Duxbury High School students, they don’t have the opportunity to go to the DHS prom.

“In order to go to Duxbury’s prom you have to be a part of Duxbury High School which is tricky,” said Jessica. “Being able to have a separate prom with people we are all comfortable with makes it ten times more fun.”

Giovanna said that her favorite part of the dance was seeing the Buds having fun dancing and expressing themselves in a stress free environment.

The Dux Buds program has been an extremely successful and positive part of the DHS community this year. Sophie T., a junior at DHS said that “the overall goal for this school year has always remained the same. Creating long lasting friendships with students of all abilities.”

Members of Dux Buds are all in agreement — their goal has most certainly been accomplished.

“Dux Buds is such a great part of the DHS community because it gives all students in the school the chance to meet and become friends,” said Giovanna. “All students in the club get to bond over shared interests and activities, instead of the fact that the Buds have disabilities, because that is only one part of who they are and they have so much to offer as people.”

Photo provided by Emma D., a junior at DHS and a member of Dux Buds

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