Mr. Kelly’s in Motion and he’s Staying in Motion

By Maya Z.

One day as Mr. Kelly was reading The Boston Globe, like he does weekly, he saw something that particularly tickled his fancy: an ad for teaching at Duxbury. And the best thing about it – the commute was not too bad. Little did he know that he would be getting himself in a job for 25 years and counting, while creating unforgettable experiences.

“I’ve gone to some workshops and I’ve been a lot of interesting and influential people through workshops,” said Mr. Kelly,  “and certainly made great friends within the school that have impacted my life.” 

One of the ongoing experiences he has is interacting with students. Former physics student and current senior Natalie Talbott recalls, “One time he brought in a bunch of noise makers and the whole classroom was so loud. He always makes sure to add some fun to the class.”

Along with students, he has a great relationship with his fellow co-best-joke-award-worker, Mr. Craft who says, “He makes his students figure it out instead of giving them the easy way out. And he is super funny.”

Becoming a teacher comes with a great deal of responsibility—but also gratitude. There are the normal things that one would expect a teacher to experience, such as being organized and meeting tons of intellectual people. 

But there are also some unexpected things.

“It’s given me a lot more discipline and I became a better public speaker. I’ve become healthier because it takes a lot of energy to maintain the everyday activities in this type of environment.”

If you asked Mr. Kelly what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would have said an architect- following the footsteps of Mr. Brady from The Brady Bunch. But that took a turn as he made his way through life. 

As a child, Kelly was a curious little one. 

“Always wanting to know how stuff was made; where a river would go if I  looked at a river and it went around the corner, what was around the corner. And rock collections.”

This intrigue in all things sciency lead him to find his true career. 

However, being a teacher is not all fun and games. In a public school, it can be hard to accommodate all students in just an hour long class. Mr. Kelly said one of the biggest challenges is, “trying to reach all students. It is hard to reach all the students because there is such a range of abilities and personalities.” 

But his ability to connect with other students has lead to some prideful moments. Although he jokes about the riches being the biggest reward, seeing his students after he’s had them and they come back to say they’ve had a good experience is what makes his job all worth it.

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