New Teacher Ms. Sergi Has a Refreshing Approach to Teaching

By Claire T.

Ms. Christina Sergi, a new creative writing and Freshman English teacher at Duxbury High School, is enthralled to start her career as a Dragon. 

“I have heard great things about Duxbury and I have some relatives here who had nothing but amazing things to say,” said Ms. Sergi. “I love the structure here, everyone is so supportive and friendly.” 

Ms. Sergi grew up in Walpole, MA and went to college at Brandeis where she double majored in creative writing and American literature. 

“I loved English all the way from middle school to high school to college and I had really transformative English teachers that helped me gain confidence,” said Ms. Sergi.

English is Ms. Sergi’s main focus for teaching but she has dabbled in special education as well. She taught at Walpole and was a daily substitute teacher at Foxborough, both of which were valuable experiences that have shaped her career. When offered a job here at DHS however, it was an easy decision for her to accept and make the move.

Although for most of her life English has been a primary passion, Ms. Sergi loves hiking as well. She went to Mount Hancock recently and one of her goals is to be in the Four Thousand Footers Club. The “4ks” are a group of forty-eight mountains in New Hampshire at least 4,000 feet above sea level and to be in the club you have to scale all of them. 

“I love to be active and I love hiking, it is one of my passions,” said Ms. Sergi.

Since she has made the transition to DHS, the only hiccup has been adjusting to the schedules, which are complicated in Duxbury. The rotation through 7 periods and 5 blocks a day is confusing for anyone. 

“It’s been easy with the students … the students have been great but schedules are tough,” said Ms. Sergi.

Ms. Sergi has always found teaching to be rewarding when she sees her students engaging in the class and the real world. 

“I love when I can integrate the real world and meet the students where they are with the lessons I develop,” said Ms. Sergi. “I love seeing the lightbulb go off in their heads.” 

Ms. Sergi is excited to teach high schoolers in particular because she feels that they can relate to the material and engage in higher levels of conversation.

Ms. Sergi is an advocate of the growth mindset: where mistakes are seen as an opportunity to grow rather than a place of downfall. She not only implements this mindset in her teaching but uses her past teachers as points of reference. 

“The relationships I had with my teachers and what I loved about them is something I try to incorporate it into my teaching,” said Ms. Sergi. “If there is a conflict, I put myself in the students’ shoes and think of what I would want to hear in that situation.” 

Ms. Sergi is a well rounded and level headed new addition to the Duxbury staff. Her love for teaching is apparent and her students can see it too. 

“I love the way Ms. Sergi teaches,” said Emma C, a senior at DHS, “she gets everyone’s attention and you can tell she cares about her students.”

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