“Find Your Fire” Breathes New Fire into School Spirit

By Claire T.

“Find Your Fire” is the slogan student council created for the 2019-2020 school year. Posters are all over the building with a Game of Thrones motif and catchy jingle. Audrey M, a senior on student council helped create this slogan.

“As a senior, I was thinking back to our theme freshmen year of “Define Your Legacy” and how universal it was to everyone at DHS,” said Audrey M. “‘Find Your Fire’ is so relevant from freshman to seniors, it makes for the perfect theme. Also! We are the Duxbury Dragons, so that was cute.” 

Student council thought meaningfully about what they wanted the slogan to say to students.

“Finding Your Fire means finding what you’re passionate about. What ignites your flame! It is so applicable for all students” said Audrey. “From freshmen who have the next four years to take advantage of everything available to them here, to seniors who are getting ready for the rest of their lives and are thinking about what they want to do.”

One of the themes for the slogan is using all that DHS has to offer to figure out what you are passionate about. Mr. Warmington encourages students to figure out what works for them and ignite their flame. 

“I think we offer a ton of things here [such as] music, sports, drama,” said Mr. Warmington. “I want students to think outside the box. You don’t have to be a star athlete or the president of a club to make a difference so take advantage of all the opportunities that Duxbury High School has to offer.” 

The slogan is popular with students and staff alike. Mr. Warmington loves it because it is simple yet effective. 

Julia A, a senior, thinks it gives people a chance to be who they are.

“I think it’s great because it inspires people to chase their interests in their school career and to focus on school spirit.”

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