Homecoming Comes Home

By Hannah S. and Sarah C.

Across the nation, students are gearing up for Homecoming: buying dresses, making plans with friends, and purchasing tickets. Homecoming has been a long-standing tradition for many schools, and Duxbury is now joining surrounding schools for the first time in three years. 

For three years rumors have circulated about the reasoning behind the loss of a Homecoming dance. It was revealed that Homecoming was originally pulled due to a lack of attendance and conflicts with the football game. As many people on the Student Council are on various sports teams, it was important for this issue to be solved. As for attendance, out of a poll conducted by The Dragon Flyer of 124 Duxbury High School students, over 75% said they planned on going to Homecoming. 

The first student council meeting of this school year marked the return of Homecoming to Duxbury with a nearly unanimous vote. Student Council has voted to reinstate the dance at the end of Spirit Week. 

Ms. Walsh, who has been involved in Student Council for two years, said that there was “pretty collective feedback” from both the Student Council’s e-board and Duxbury’s own students in support of homecoming. 

“[By going to Homecoming] you are supporting your school, you’re supporting your friends and student council,” said Bernadette F., a Duxbury High School senior

The Homecoming dance would not be possible without the help of not only the entire e-board; but, with the contributions and drive of three students. 

High school juniors, Wes M. and Harry P., along with sophomore Campbell J. have been continuously named as the three main backers for Homecoming’s return. 

“It was always an idea that we all had but we never really talked about it at meetings,” Harry P. said. 

Weston M. corroborated this statement saying their rising status as juniors allowed them greater opportunity to reinstate the dance.

Each Student Council member interviewed strongly urges anyone interested in Student Council to join. 

“It’s a great way to meet people and unite the school,” said Carly M., a high school junior. “It’s important to make our experience in high school the best it can be.”

Along with the Student Council, the PTO and Principal Donovan have shown their support by allocating funding for decorations, a D.J., and any other necessities that Homecoming will require. Because of their numerous generous donations, the cost of Homecoming will be inexpensive – only $10. It will be held in the cafeteria on October 19, beginning at 7:00. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the first Homecoming of Duxbury High School since 2015.

Throughout the week prior to Homecoming, students at DHS will have been actively participating in Spirit Week, in which each day has a theme and students are encouraged to dress up according to the theme. On Friday, there is a Homecoming game, and there is a hillside cookout with free food for students. 

“The hope is that we’re supporting athletics,” said Ms. Walsh. She invites all to attend and spread some school spirit. 

For many students, this will be their last Homecoming at Duxbury High School. As for the freshmen, they are charged with the task of keeping this tradition alive.  

Homecoming has been, in the past, one of the quintessential moments of the high school experience. Parents have raved about it, movies have been centered around it, and now, Duxbury has the opportunity to provide this experience to a new generation of students. 

Schools like Middleborough and Taunton have shown the benefits of a Homecoming; it is their largest fundraiser of the entire year. Student Council believes Homecoming has room to grow and thrive here at Duxbury High School. Welcome home Homecoming.

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