Athletic Dismissal Discrepancies: Part 1

by Claire T.

Duxbury has always valued athletics and had a strong athletic program. Due to the high school’s later dismissal time of 2:47pm, some teams need to leave school early to be on time for their away games. The time teams are allowed to leave are based on when the game is, the distance between Duxbury and the opposing town, and unforeseen circumstances like traffic or weather. 

This year had some unique circumstances that made teams leave earlier than usual. For the boys golf team the home course was closed this year so they always had to travel. Sometimes they would miss a full day of school because of how far they had to travel. Triple E also played a role for football games because it caused games to be moved to an earlier time. 

Mr. Holdgate, Duxbury High School’s Athletic Director, plays a large role in choosing the time athletes leave school. He tries to make sure students leave when they are supposed to, but this is sometimes hard to track because they do not sign out at the front office according to Mrs Quilty, who records attendance for the High School. An email is sent to teachers with a list of names and the correct time they should be leaving but there is a lack of documentation. 

It is never perfect and kids will always get out earlier if they can,” said Holdgate. “Students are required to make up anything they miss, athletics are a privilege so athletes need to make up all work.”

But some teams feel that they have the short end of the stick for how early they get to leave. Cheerleading, for example, didn’t get to leave school early for their competitions. A varsity cheerleader who wishes to remain anonymous felt strongly about the time discrepancy. 

“We have had competitions on school nights before and we weren’t able to leave early. We had to get ready on the bus because we were left no time to get ready at the competition. We barely arrived on time and had to go straight to warm ups.” 

As a contrast, football was able to leave an hour early for their game. When asked if she talked to Holdgate about this, the cheerleader said she hadn’t personally. “My coach Jen has probably asked if we could leave early but he has only given us a couple minutes at most. But we get to leave early for football games and not our own competitions.”

This is a developing story. A follow up will be published in early 2020.

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