A Quick Bite

Alex B.

Most students in Duxbury High School seem to lean towards the view of having fast food on a regular basis, but why? It appears to be that students might like fast food because it tastes good and is cheap. Cam P., a senior at DHS, has been making fast food part of his weekly regiment.

With fast food being so cheap as well he went on to say. “I spend less than thirty bucks a month on fast food.” 

With fast food itself being so cheap and easy to get it must be no wonder why the teens in Duxbury High School might get it so often. Though, there is another half to this fast-food story. Mrs. Sterling, a Student Chef teacher here at DHS, had something to say concerning fast food. 

“I rarely eat out in restaurants period, fast food included. It’d be a once in a while kind of treat, if we’re on the road and want to make a good time then we will pop into a fast-food restaurant.” 

Two sides of the same topic. On the one hand, to watch what one might eat and have fast-food from time to time if needed. On the other side, to have it once a week for the enjoyment and easiness of it.

When asked if the convenience of fast food itself is coming at the cost of healthy eating habits, Mrs. Sterling. said, “it goes hand in hand. We’re fortunate now that we have so many options, so many restaurants. Many options available out there with salad bars at supermarkets and pre-packaged meals. Everyone’s so busy, such a hectic schedule, people are looking for the convenience of going out.” 

Mary G., a sophomore here at DHS, says where she would eat fast food how much she would spend on it a month. “I usually bring my food home because I don’t have a very large appetite.” She goes on to say, “I usually spend about $100 on fast food on a monthly basis.” 

Especially with the busy life and limited budget of a high schooler, it makes sense that fast food would be a go-to when one might get hungry. Both sides with very valid points to the same fast food question. Whether or not you take either side is up to you, but one thing’s for certain. Fast food will change how we eat, especially with its ever-changing nature even now as well as in the future to come. 

What do you think?

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