Keeping up with Dr. Klingaman; inside look at the day to day life of the Assistant Superintendent

by Arden Y.

Dr. Danielle Klingaman is the Assistant Superintendent of the Duxbury Public Schools. Her schedule is usually filled with work surrounding all four schools in the system, but Dr. Klingaman rose to the challenge of her fast-paced and busy job. Even though the job is difficult, she loves doing it and finds it very rewarding.

Although Dr. Klingaman does a variety of different things throughout her work day, her main job is to make sure students are having the best experience possible in school.

“My job is to be an advocate for students,” Dr. Klingaman said, “one reason we have a handbook is to make sure everyone has a positive experience and is treated equally. Our job is really just to listen and to be fair.”

Dr. Baynes, who is the English Language Arts Curriculum Supervisor, said that Dr. Klingaman is “a joy to work with.”

“She’s very kind, humane, and very well read,” Dr. Baynes said, “all of those are very important, especially in human services. She has the interest of the students 100% at heart, which is obvious in all of our interactions. She always brings everything back to the interest of the students and genuinely cares.”

Dr. Klingaman interacts with students that range from preschool through grade 12 and beyond. She is involved in Chandler School, Alden School, Duxbury Middle School, and Duxbury High School. Dr. Klingaman said that she spends most of her time at the high school and middle school, usually four days a week, but it varies. Despite this, her main office is in Chandler.

Her work day starts at the high school, sitting in on classes and walking around, observing the everyday life of students. Then, Dr. Klingaman works her way over to Chandler, where she “only gets to occasionally sit at [her] desk.” 

Although her hard work can pass unknown to the students of DHS, Mr. Alberti, the Curriculum Supervisor of the History Department, works with Dr. Klingaman. One of Dr. Klingman’s many jobs is guiding all of the department heads. Not just the ones at DHS, but at Chandler and Alden too.

“Even if you don’t see her, she’s Oz behind the curtain sometimes,” Mr. Alberti said, “she does a lot that students might not see, but she always has her finger on the pulse.”

Before she became the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Klingaman worked as a teacher and later a principal. She attended UMASS Amherst and received her undergraduate. She went to Bridgewater State University for her post-baccalaureate in special education and her masters in educational leadership, and she later received her doctorate from Northeastern. 

Before deciding to go into administration, Dr. Klingaman majored in psychology and special education. However, she considered she could make a greater impact in school administration after realizing she could better use her talents in a different part of the education field.

“I decided to get my educational leadership degree so I could work in administration because that is something I wouldn’t be able to do with a masters in special education,” she said. “I’ve always been a little bit bossy and I like to see everything being run efficiently, and I realized I could make a bigger difference if I was a part of administration. Now I have the opportunity to influence the entire school district and help all kids pre-K through grade twelve to have a positive experience at school.”

When Dr. Klingaman has time off, she makes sure she does what she enjoys. “I’m really busy. I feel like my biggest hobby is doing laundry at home,” she said jokingly. Besides that, Dr. Klingaman enjoys spending time with her two kids, running marathons, reading, and traveling.

Overall, Dr. Klingaman works very hard to make sure the Duxbury Public Schools are as fun and safe as possible, for both the students and the teachers. As Mr. Alberti said, she’s the glue that holds everything, and everyone, together.

“Her importance to the district to the schools is vital,” Mr. Alberti said, “she brings a lot of experience and a lot of background knowledge in curriculum and instruction. She plays an important role as a mentor for building administrations and for teachers in the district.”


Photo credit: Danielle Klingaman

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