Cat Lovers at DHS

By Arden Y.

Cats are the purr-fect pets for many students at Duxbury High School.

Many kids at DHS love cats. No, not the movie, but rather the cuddly, fluffy animal.

Cats are a popular pet among Americans, let alone for the students at DHS. Cats are so commonplace not just because they are cute, (usually) friendly, and social animals, but they also help people destress and cope after a long and difficult day.

Sophomore Diamond K, who has a cat, said, “I think that if you have depression or anxiety, [and] the cat is laying on you and he or she is purring and you’re patting them, your anxiety just goes away.”

Senior Marin C. agrees with Diamond. She said cats are “therapeutic.”

“If I didn’t have my cat I don’t know where I would be because just petting him helps me distress when I’m stressed out,” Marin said. 

In addition, senior Meghan K. said, “I think cats can help relieve stress because the act of petting a cat can be very soothing. The love one gives for their pets is something one can always rely on when stressed.”

Meghan volunteers at the Standish Humane Society, a local cat shelter, every Sunday morning. Although she is more of a dog person and does not have a cat herself, she agrees that cats are affectionate and popular pets. 

Marin, on the other hand, has a cat named Buddy. Buddy, like many other cats, can be very playful and curious. He likes to rub his head against her as a show of affection.

When asked what the strangest thing her cat has even done, Marin said he moves his dry food into his wet food with his paw, then mixes it with his water.

Although this might seem strange, cats are actually very intelligent animals. They can problem solve, but their claim to fame is knowing exactly how to get you to give them food. 

“My dad said he’s smarter than dogs,” Marin said, talking about her own cat.

Furthermore, people love to look up funny cat videos online to watch feline stunts like Buddy’s. Cats, and cat videos, can make people laugh and smile just by looking at the furry creatures and the strange things they get into. 

All in all, cats are an important part of life for many students at DHS.

I love cats because they’re just easy to take care of one way or another,” Diamond said, “I love having a cat because it’s like having a smaller version of a lion or tiger in your house.

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